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At Loving Air Inc, we offer unique service and maintenance agreements for the convenience of our customers. Maintaining and servicing your HVAC systems is crucial to keep them in proper working order. Let us help keep your HVAC system in shape.

Maintenance Agreement

Your heating and cooling system is just like anything else you own. Proper maintenance will help your system perform at its peak performance.

Proper maintenance helps with:

Lower utility bills
Improve indoor comfort
Extended equipment life
Reduce major failures
Priority scheduling
15% discount off service calls
Worker improving AC Pipe — Air Conditioner Services in Locust Grove, VA

Service Agreement

With our Service Agreement, we will come out every 6 months and fully inspect your system to ensure your equipment is running efficiently.
Before entering into a Service Agreement, if the customer invests in making the system fully operational, per the manufacturer's recommendation, we will provide the customer with 15% off of those repairs needed at that time.
We perform maintenance on the following items:
Clean and inspect burner assembly
Check and adjust pressures if needed
Clean ignition assembly
Inspect heat exchanger, flue, and safeties
Measure temperature rise and/or temperature difference
Check refrigerant levels
Clean condenser and evaporator coils
Check all electrical connections and components
Clean out condensate drain lines
Check all amp draws on all electrical motors and
Check filter condition
Confirm that system is fully functional
Participating business in Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Co-op Connection Program.